Welcome to Lotus Arts Connection

We welcome you whether you are a novice or an experienced painter since many have found that the techniques and energy that we promote in our painting will only enhance your efforts in many mediums. Continue through our website to get an impression as to how we can benefit your art in joining us in our paint-outs and workshops.

In the Asian world, the Lotus is considered the most spiritual flower.

Having developed its bulb base in the depths of murky, muddy water of a stagnant pond, it pushes its oval pad variegated green leaves up thru the water to provide a graceful platform for the elegant dainty and delicate lotus flower to dance. In the daylight sun the lotus opens while at night the flower closes and sinks to sleep.
This story is indicative of many of us and our lives both physical and spiritual. Though the lotus comes in many colors - white, red, blue, pink, and purple,  we choose the partially open blue lotus since it represents creative spontaneity and along with the black circle of our logo - representing unity and brotherhood of all beings in communication and education. This is an ageless path in which to continue to transform oneself. 

Vinnie Boone created a facility and grounds specifically for the enjoyment of artists so that they might have a delightful environment to learn, practice and create Asian Watercolor. Both National and  International Asian watercolorists will be brought in for the workshops that will be held twice a year. Otherwise paint-outs will be available each month which will have a variety of educational value and curriculum for participants.

The ambience and grounds of Lotus Arts Connection are so conducive to having a lovely experience in creating your piece of work.

Testimonials from our happy painters. You could be one, too!


Vinnie’s studio is absolutely FABULOUS!  Makes you want to paint.
I hope all of you will consider adding a little (or a lot) of the sacred space Vinnie created
with the Universe for our painting pleasure, teaching, and experience.
The energy is so special, and you are invited with open arms. Hope to see you soon!

Judy O. 

Hats off to Ms. Vinnie for putting on such a great workshop.
Mary Jane is amazing and the studio is to die for! I am grateful to have this type of offering in Bastrop.
Thanks again Vinnie, and for those that missed this opportunity, join us next time!


Lotus Arts Connection will be a success and much needed for the future of the regional arts.
I look forward to attending another workshop of some kind when we (Tom & I) return at the end of May or June.


Such a lovely afternoon with quality work, beautiful atmosphere and music. Would love to attend again so keep me on your mailing list. Love my the water color I purchased and have already hung it.


You did an amazing job putting together the Danny Chen Workshop. Cheers to Vinnie!!! I found Danny Chen to be a very good workshop teacher. He was willing to share all his knowledge and secrets with us. I think we all learned a lot. Thank you for inviting Danny.

Ann G. 

This is the very best workshop EVER! I learned so much from Danny Chen, and would love to take more workshops if the opportunity arises. Mr. Chen is extremely knowledgeable of Oriental forms of art. Since I was not born 1,000 years ago, I am particularly appreciative that Mr. Chen teaches modern techniques to combine with ancient techniques, if you so choose. I feel freed to experiment to my creative soul’s content. Thank you, Danny Chen, and a huge THANK YOU to Vinnie Boone, Lotus Arts Connection, for arranging this most helpful workshop right here in Bastrop County, Texas!

Peggy A. 

Dear Vinnie and Danny,

First thank you so very much for providing this wonderful worksho for us. I feel honored to be included.

Clouds- They have long been something that I have wanted to capture. Now I have the insight. I just need

to practice, practice, practice. I know where I want to go and you have given me a roadmap of how to get there.

Most sincerely, Rose Marie

Rose Marie 

I thought Danny was awesome. I appreciated his honesty and encouragement. He is very knowledgeable and it is very apparent that he loves teaching. I hope he enjoyed Texas and will come back and see us again!